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About us

Pony Academy is an online game, educative and free of charge.
The purpose of the game is to breed a pony, feed him/her, brush him/her, clean him/her, win quests and all kind of missions, but also to manage money, to buy/sell items
Part of the game is to breed a pony
In order to carry through this task, the player is supposed to come regularly on Pony Academy, but the game works such a way there is no need to log in every day
Pony Academy thus allow your child's blooming without excess on his/her schedule.

Pony Academy is safe

For the players' safety, all private and public conversations are recorded and stored on our servers.
All your child's conversations can be sent to you either on request or periodically, just go to parental control in your child 's "My account "
Feel free to mention us every other player's doubtful behavior

Forbidden data

In order to ensure the best safety to your child during his/her conversations on the different parts of Pony Academy, you can list the private data that your child can't communicate to the other players. (Example: Your address, his/her school 's name, his/her firstname ...)

Be responsible and watchful

A child can be old enough to use the Internet, but not enough to discuss with other people. Take time to discuss with your child about what he/she is not allowed during private conversations, and explain him/her well the risks he/she takes
If you estimate that your child is not old enoug to be alone on the computer, stay beside him/her during browsing
You can also set up a parental control software, free of charge in order to control your child 's activity on the internet

Note about Pony Academy

Pony Academy is a free game, without need to purchase. All the actions told "refill" allows you to give more playing time to your child with a paying call or a credit card payment.
These payments are secured by a third party provider : Allopass, french online payment leader
Payments are optional and only allow the Pony Academy Team to finance investments and fees, as well as it helps to process new challenges and/or contests
Nature of the payment taken into account (taxed call) it is technically impossible for us to be sure of your presence at the time of the purchase, please discuss with your child about this part of the game and set a "game budget" together
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