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1. My account

How can i change my image and personnal informations?

Go do "my account" and click on "Avatar"

Can i delete my account

Yes you can
Go do "my account" and you'll have a "delete" link on the bottom of the page

I'm going to Holiday , can i leave my pony alone ?

Yes you can go to Holiday and don't carry of your pony. You just have to put the date of your return in "my account" >> "Holidays"

2. How to play

How can i get points ?

You get points for every thing you do with your pony ( brush , jumping , cleaning box ...)

What shall i do to change of Level

You need to have 1000 pts to be level 2 and 5000 to be level 3

For now, there is only 3 levels

How to earn money (ecus) ?

You receivre each day 250 ecus and everything you need to take care of your pony

You can also use the garden to get vegetables that you'll be able to resell on Barn

What is the bank ?

The bank is a place where you can buy (with real money) ecus to play Pony Academy
That money can help us to make the game better and better

How to get free codes ?

You can get free codes by giving your "sponsor link" on a friends or putting it on websites
To get your link go to "sponsor a friend"

3. My ponies

I see only on pony in the Stalls

This is normal, you can see only one pony at one time
To change of Pony, click on the pony you want to see on the left menu "my ponies"

Where are my pony accessories ?

To put its on your pony go to "ponies stalls" and then click on "Pony's accessories"
You can not resell accessories

How many ponies can i have ?

You can have 2 ponies on level 1 , and 5 then

4. Mini Games

How to well brush my pony ?

When you are in "brush" mini game, go to "help" , you'll see how to do it well

How to change my pony'shoes ?

Go to the "Smith" , buy replacement Shoe and then click on "Change horseshoes by myself" and follow instructions

Where can i register my self for Contests ?

No need to register, it is automatic
Just play and your Rank will be save

5. Garden

How to sow ?

You can only sow on unlocked part of the garden
To Sow carotts click on "carotts" icon on the top of the garden and click on the part you want to sow
Same thing for Oat

How to have a great garden ?

Each day you came to pony academy you have to :
- Add water
- Take of weeds
- Put mold (not needed every day)
Then you'll have a great garden :)

6. Merlin's house

How to make potions ?

During walk, get flowers and mushroom
Then you 'll be able to create potions
Some time a potion have no effect
You have to found all potions

Can i cancel potion effect ?

No you can't for now
But soon it will be available

7. Problems

I've lost my password ?

Don't worry, click on "lost password ?" on the bottom of the fields on left menu

My code is not working

Codes are only codes gived by "pay per call" "credit card" or "sms" payement
It is not your password
You can also get free code by sponsoring a friend

With the few money payement give us, we can make the game better and better and pay all the charges (servers , people)
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Copyright : Jeremy Guilbault & Mehdi Lebrazi